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TYA Tour Time!

I am so thrilled to be a member of Virginia Rep's spring 2023 educational tours cast! I'll be bussing across America performing in 2 plays with a 2 other actors. I'll be playing Martha in "Benjamin Franklin and His Kite" and a scientist in "The Wonderful World of Machines". Plus, I'll also be acting as the Road Manager for our tour team. I'm responsible for filling out reports, communicating with school reps, and handling any significant issues that might arise on the road. And when I'm not performing on the weekends, I'll be jetting off to several universities to sing for my graduate school auditions! I gotta say, this is my 3rd TYA tour contract, and I'm so excited to perform for kids again - I miss their bubbly, honest, and unpredictable energy. It's gonna be a busy and exciting spring!


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