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Hi, I'm Becca

I'm Becca Mighell, an actor, singer, and dancer from Dallas, TX.  Since graduating from the Univ. of OK, I've been performing in venues across the US. I’ve also worked professionally as a choreographer, education dir., and stage manager.  When I’m not onstage, I’m probably teaching voice lessons, reading, or running on my favorite nature trails.  I’m described by directors as passionate, joyful, hard-working, and bright. This fall, I plan to begin my graduate studies in vocal performance and pedagogy.

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Check out my latest project!

This spring, I'll be touring 2 educational plays to schools across the country. I'll be a mad scientist in The Wonderful World of Simple Machines and I'll be Ben Franklin's wife, protégé, and (at one point) his kite in Ben Franklin and His Kite. I'll also be our tour's road manager, leading my cast through any problems that might arise on the road. I can't wait to bring the joys of live theatre, history, and science to kids nationwide!

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